Santa Cruz de León Cortés

Get to Know Santa Cruz de León Cortés

Santa Cruz de León Cortés or just Santa Cruz is located in La Zona de Los Santos, one of Costa Rica's prime coffee-growing regions. The village is home to 2,233 people, 99% of whom earn their living growing and picking coffee. However, coffee picking is a seasonal employment and average salaries sum to less than $3,000 annually.

Coffee Harvesting Facts

One harvested hectare (2.47 acres) of coffee, yields a profit of only $1,040 per year. This results in wages less than $1 an hour in the fields, with over 8-hour workdays and an average yearly income of around $3,000 per family.

Santa Cruz

Facts about Education in the Zona

In the Zona de los Santos, the best high school of San Pablo de Leon Cortes, has only a 34% graduation rate. And only 7% of students go on to pursue a college education in 2010. The Santa Cruz high school has only about 60 students, extremely limited facilities and resources. In 2008, only 1 student from the graduating class went on to pursue a college education.